Nip It In The Bud

Before It Bites You In The Ass!

You know you need to have that awkward or difficult conversation with one of your employees…

The problem is…

 Just the thought of having it makes you feel unwell and gives you sweaty palms!

Past experience hasn’t been good….

You don’t really know how to go about it

What if you say the wrong thing?

What if you make it worse?

After all it’s not just what you say, it’s also the way that you say it!

You’re probably telling yourself that you should know how to do this!

You run your own business, you’re used to handling difficult situations!

You’re asking yourself...

"Why am I struggling when it comes to having an awkward/difficult conversation with one of my employees?!"

I bet...

you're tempted to just leave it and hope it'll go away...


How much better would you feel about yourself if you even got that first conversation out of the way

that you had finally made some progress

instead of the dread you’re feeling right now


deep down...

you know it’s only going to get worse the longer you ignore it….


...If you if you actually knew what you were doing.


...if you could work out how to do it, helped by someone

who successfully coaches other business owners on exactly this!


if you had:

  • specific advice that would give you a way to approach it…

  • really useful specific pointers…

  • actual ways to phrase what you’d like to say…..

  • something for your specific situation…

My clients say...

"I’m so glad I talked this over with you first, my approach would have made matters worse!"

"You know just what to say and how to phrase things."

"At least now I know what to look out for when having this conversation, so I’m much more aware and confident."

"My first reaction could have cost me my business, but with your guidance I was able to deal with it, with an employer head on."

How would your life and business be different

if you didn’t have this dread living in your head?

How much more focus, energy and passion

could you give to positive money generating activities?

No more ignoring and hoping the issue will go away

No more fear of losing respect for yourself as a business owner

No more dread of how this will get worse and fester

What if... 

just one conversation could help you move forward and make progress?

What if... 

you then had a follow-up chat to debrief and plan what comes next?

That’s exactly what the Nip It In The Bud can give you!

How we make Nip It In The Bud happen for you:

I invite you to meet with me on Zoom for a 45-minute focused session.

We go through all the nitty gritty of situation and conversation you need to have.

We’ll work on how to approach it, phrasing, what to look and listen out for.

Then after you’ve had your conversation, we’ll meet again on Zoom for a 30 minute debrief and explore what you may need to do next to build on that conversation.

By the end, you’ll have dealt with that dread in your head and feel much better about yourself, hopefully having prevented the situation from deteriorating further – which will definitely happen if you continue to ignore it. I've see it time and time again!

The first 5 sign-ups will get an extra bonus 1:1 session

I’m done with the dread!