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My dad, (now retired) started his financial services company from our dining room when I was a child, I grew up with the business which was like another sibling. Dad often included me in his decision making process for the business, asking for my input and then we'd talk it through - my business education began before I started studying for GCSEs! 

So, I understand the very personal and home life costs and benefits of having your own business. Indeed, I decided as a child I would have my own business one day, which I now do!

My fresh, forward thinking approach is built on my ability to read and understand people; growing up in that successful and reputable family business with long term and loyal clients; and my experience gained through working in many aspects of business before entering the field of people, culture and employment law.

I like to think that by doing what I do, I'm helping people like my dad, very talented at what they do, a big heart but always wanting to improve themselves as an employer and business owner.


I try to be the person I wish my dad had had supporting him.

I want you to be happy in and with your business!


Based in beautiful Belfast but empowering employers all over this lovely wee planet



Tel: +44 775 115 1000


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