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My Story

My Why

My whole reason for being in business is to help others in business. Specifically, the bosses. 


Too often I've seen really amazing bosses be so hard on themselves, expecting to be perfect & having their own confidence shaken when they realise they're not. Perfection is a myth.

I wish my dad wasn't retired so I could help him with all that I've experienced and learnt.

Growing up

I grew up in business, I love business.

Dad started his firm from our dining room when I was a kid, I saw everything, and he included me in his thought processes. Without my mum being behind him every step of the way I don't know if he'd have been as successful as he was. He’s now retired and they're enjoying the fruits of their labour.


I am so proud of what they, as a team, achieved for themselves and us. They had nothing, literally nothing and made an amazing life, adopting 3 of us as babies and never hiding that from us. Never hiding that I’m mixed race, encouraging me to understand more about being half Chinese.

We’re a family who talks to each other, debates issues (Dad and I getting more ‘lively’ and winding each other up as the wine flows!) and Mum knows when I need to talk, sometimes before I do.

Not forgetting my amazingly talented little sister who has a complex mix of mental health conditions. I have learned so much from her over the decades.


My partner is just as curious about the world, life, well-travelled and a talker. He also loves jumping out of planes for fun…he was doing that long before we met, so no, I didn’t drive him to it!

Uncomfortable experiences

When you're in the midst of something that feels horrible it can be very difficult to realise that this has the potential to help you develop and grow.

I've had my fair share of uncomfortable, unpleasant, unfair, and unjust experiences but you know what, I'm still here, I'm still an optimist and I still love my life. I still love the journey because without all of that, I wouldn't be who I am today.

And you know what’s crucial to know? I did none of it alone.

I learned to love that I'll always be a work in progress. I never want to stop learning.

My Approach

I listen to understand. I listen with empathy. I listen for the gaps. I listen for what you don't tell me. I listen with more than just my ears. I have learned to listen and I’m bloody brilliant at it!


One of my client's descriptions of me “Cathy intuits without you having to spell it out.”


I believe that you can fall in love with being perfectly imperfect but you need to want it and be prepared to follow up with action & reflection, consistently, deliberately, little, and often.

When I’m not working

You'll find me getting out into nature walking my gorgeous dog with my partner and his pups. Check out the amazing charity Almost Home NI.


In spring, summer autumn I'll be in my garden where I can let my creativity flow. My garden is usually neglected in the winter, although I’m pondering what seeds to buy that I never quite get round to growing!


Or I'm looking around my house seeing what furniture can be painted a different colour. It's often joked, that if you stand too long in the one spot, I'll be working out what colour I should paint you!


It's also important for me to take time out for myself. I give and give and give to others and I love doing that but if I don't look after myself and my own energy it wouldn't be possible. Reiki helps with that as well as meditating. Check out the Wellbeing section for some pointers.

My values

Compassion | Empathy | Equality | the joy of Diversity | Balance | Ownership | Rights with Responsibilities | Fairness | Animal rights & welfare | We are Earth's custodians |  Living your life for you but being aware of your impact

When the pandemic is just a memory...

I’m looking forward to eating out, going to the cinema, catching up with and visiting friends and family all over the world and having them visit!