Decision making in a crisis

I wanted to share just some thoughts based on conversations I've been having with people over the last few weeks, a lot of my clients and business owners.

Making decisions in a crisis, particularly a crisis that doesn't just affect your business. It's affecting most businesses, where some businesses have seized the opportunities and others, where they're struggling to find a way out or to see the possibilities.

However, when it comes to making decisions, nothing really should have changed from how you normally make decisions. In terms of everything is a calculated risk.

You're going to weigh up your options, you'll scan and see what's out there. Hindsight is the only thing that will tell you if it was the right decision.

So, you're going with the best option, but always remember your choices need to be things that you can live with. That you can look at yourself in the mirror.

If you're making decisions that are causing you to question your own integrity, who you are, that is going to wear on you.

This isn't a short-term struggle. This is going to be long-term.

So please, when you are making decisions, make sure they're ones that fit with who you are as an individual. They fit in with your values. They are decisions that in your heart, you could stand over.

Again, you're not going to know if they were the right decision until we look back with hindsight.

Everything is a calculated risk, and don't be so hard on yourselves.

Take care and speak soon.



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