"Running a business is easy," said nobody ever.

Yay, you're a business owner! Congratulations! Now you get to deal with all the people stuff… woohoo!

Okay. It's lonely, I know. And it's hard work. It saps your energy.

It also means you're spending more time dealing with people issues than you are on focusing on the best of the business that really could do with your attention.

I work with business owners like you who need to reduce the unknowns and increase predictability when it comes to their people.

You have enough on your plate without adding to the unpredictability.

You've got to worry about profitability, cashflow, attracting new clients, retaining your existing clients, increasing revenue, securing finance, etc etc You've got an endless list. We know!

Why don't you reach out, speak to me, and I can help you in terms of becoming a better employer and decision-maker. Reducing those unknowns, increasing predictability.

Helping you to deal with the personality clashes, the productivity issues, the performance issues, the low morale and motivation, etc

Potentially helping you delegate more, because that's more likely to be a big issue for you.

If your business is solely dependent on you as the business owner, it's at major risk, because at some point you're going to burn out, you're going to have fatigue, and then what?

My dad started his firm from our dining room when I was a kid. I grew up in his business. I've seen it all from a personal level and I have my own business.

If that sounds like I could be of help to you, then do get in touch. Don't do it alone, because you don't need to.

So, speak with me.

Please also do add your comments and share your experiences because I'm really interested to find out, or if there's something else I might be able to help you with.

Don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn. One of these days I’ll get an email list together and ask you to subscribe, but for now, LinkedIn will do!

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