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I work in partnership with you as your People & Culture Specialist and Company Culture Coach, combining my experience and knowledge with your needs and dreams to support you and your business using modern people and business practices and approaches to deliver real solutions.

It's about empowering and encouraging you because it's your business, your baby, and not only does it need to feel right for you, you also need to be in a position to deal with issues without being tethered to me. After all, freedom and independence is likely to be something you value.

Communication | Behaviours | Culture


I very much believe in prevention rather than cure. There are so many steps you can be taking right now, little and often, without being overwhelmed and these will help to reduce problems, especially with those 'problem children' in your business!

The secret of getting ahead and making progress, is getting started. So, if you're ready to get started, get in touch and let's see how we might work together.

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You will normally be charged in GBP Sterling although other arrangements can be made.


Based in beautiful Belfast but supporting entrepreneurs all over this lovely wee planet



Tel: +44 775 115 1000


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